Mastering Bookkeeping: Essential Tips for Managing Your Business Finances


What is bookkeeping, and why is it critical for your business’s success? From facilitating informed decisions to ensuring compliance with tax laws, bookkeeping is the systematic recording of financial transactions that is indispensable for any business. This article cuts through the complexity, offering you actionable bookkeeping strategies, systems, and tools integral to managing your finances…

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Top Shrewsbury Accountants: Your Guide to Trusted Financial Services

Shrewsbury's Top Accountants

Are you searching for professional Shrewsbury accountants? Whether for tax advice, business planning, or comprehensive accounting services, this guide introduces you to a top local firm catering to your financial needs. Learn about their qualifications, services, and the difference they can make for your financial journey. Key Takeaways Discovering Shrewsbury’s Top Accountants Shrewsbury, home to…

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Small Business Accountant Services

small business accountants

Are you searching for a small business accountant to streamline your financial processes? Look no further. We specialise in comprehensive accounting solutions that fit your business needs, from efficient tax planning to personalised financial advice. With our expertise, staying compliant and strategising for growth is straightforward and stress-free. Read on to explore how our bespoke…

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Find the Best Accountant Near Me – Your Guide to Local Accounting Services

local accounting firms

Instantly connect with a skilled “accountant near me” to navigate your financial landscape. From tax assistance to comprehensive bookkeeping, our guide zeroes in on the essentials for selecting the best local expert tailored to your needs – no detours, just a straightforward path to professional support. Key Takeaways Discovering Local Accounting Firms Starting your search…

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Effortless Sole Trader Accounting: Streamlined Strategies for Self-Employed Finances

sole trader accounting 2

Master your sole trader accounting with ease. This article takes you straight to the essentials – tax obligations, efficient expense tracking, and robust financial management. Equip yourself with the knowledge to handle your finances confidently and avoid common pitfalls. Key Takeaways Understanding Sole Trader Accounting Embarking on a journey as a small business owner and…

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What is bookkeeping?

A woman providing bookkeeping services using a calculator on a laptop.

Introduction to Bookkeeping Welcome to Mercian Accountants, where we understand the pivotal role of bookkeeping in successfully managing your small business. Bookkeeping is the process of systematically recording and organising all financial transactions of a business. This includes tracking all sales, purchases, receipts, and payments, ensuring every financial move your business makes is accounted for.…

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Mercian Accountants become part of the Handpicked Accountants Network

The homepage of Mercian Accountants, part of the Handpicked Accountants Network.

Mercian Accountants have been invited to join the carefully selected collection of leading accountants in the Handpicked Accountants portfolio nationwide. Handpicked Accountants is part of Begbies Traynor Group and provides access to outstanding accounting services for every business need. Mercian was selected to join Handpicked as a practice that demonstrated commercial expertise, understanding of the…

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Is Your Accountant Retiring? What You Need to Do

Two empty deck chairs on the beach

Has your accountant let you know that they’re retiring? Not sure of your next steps? There are several factors influencing accountants to retire early – and it’s not just because they’ve reached a certain age. The impact of the Covid pandemic and changes in the profession has led many to reconsider their role, which means…

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Bounce Back Loan Fraud: Hundreds of Directors Disqualified

A statue of justice holding a sword and scales, symbolizing fairness and equity.

Over the past year, the Insolvency Service has taken action against more than 450 directors for fraudulently taking advantage of the Bounce Back Loan scheme and other Covid support programmes. Despite these efforts, some argue that these measures may not address the issue fully. During the 2022/23 financial year, the Insolvency Service reported a total…

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Topping up National Insurance for missing years

An old fashioned telephone captured in black and white, evoking nostalgia.

We previously reminded our readers to review their National Insurance Contributions (NIC) record for any gaps and how it could affect their entitlement to the state retirement pension. The deadline for paying voluntary Class 3 NIC to fill any deficiencies in tax years back to 2006/07 was set for April 5, 2023. However, as many…

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