Stamp Duty Land Taxes 2024/25

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We present our summary of Stamp Duty Land Taxes 2024/25. For our summary of the Spring 2024 Budget, please click here. For our summary of the 2024/25 Tax Rates and Allowances, please click here.

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2024/25 Tax Rates and Allowances

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We present our summary of the 2024/25 Tax Rates and Allowances. For our summary of the Spring 2024 Budget, please click here, and for 2024/24 Stamp Duty Land Taxes, please click here.

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Spring Budget 2024 Summary

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The Chancellor presented the last spring budget before the election. He emphasised the importance of implementing reforms to ensure a straightforward and equitable tax system that aligns with economic changes and aids public finances. Similar to previous budgets, ongoing discussions are ongoing, and additional information will be released in the coming weeks. This guide contains…

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Autumn Statement 2023: What It Means for You and Your Business

In 2023, Chandler delivers the Autumn Statement, outlining important updates for the business community.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, presented his pivotal Autumn Statement on 22nd November 2023, unveiling a series of measures aimed at steering the UK through challenging economic waters and bolstering business growth. Amidst a climate of reduced inflation and cautious fiscal optimism, the Statement laid out a roadmap that significantly impacts individuals and…

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A simple guide to the Spring Budget 2023

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The headline message from the Chancellor The Chancellor highlighted, “In the autumn, we took difficult decisions to deliver stability and sound money… Today, we deliver the next part of our plan. A budget for growth… long-term, sustainable, healthy growth that pays for our NHS and schools, finds jobs for young people, and provides a safety…

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Autumn Statement 2022: Key Tax Change Highlights

This morning (Thursday 17th November), Chancellor Hunt unveiled his 2022 Autumn Statement, featuring tax rises and spending cuts worth billions, in order to tackle the cost-of-living crisis, and rebuild the UK economy. The changes include freezing allowances and thresholds that will pull millions into paying tax for the first time, hundreds of thousands into higher…

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