Property118, Cotswold Barristers, and HMRC

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If you are or have been a client of Property118 or Cotswold Barristers, please seek urgent independent tax and legal advice. We’ve been watching with a growing sense of dread the saga unfolding over at Tax Policy Associates about these firms. Property118 and Cotswold Barristers operate together, offering a tax avoidance scheme for buy-to-let landlords.…

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HMRC Letters to landlords concerning rental costs

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HMRC One to Many Letters to Landlords From December 2023 onwards, HMRC has been issuing One to Many letters to taxpayers who filled out property income sections of their 2021/22 tax return and made claims for repair and maintenance expenses. HMRC is worried that recipients of this correspondence may have mistakenly included capital expenses within…

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Maximise Your Earnings: Smart Tax Strategies for Furnished Holiday Lets

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Furnished holiday lets can be a smart investment, but are you making the most of their tax benefits? From deductible costs to capital gains reliefs, this essential guide illuminates the paths to enhance profitability through strategic tax planning. Prepare to unlock the full financial potential of your furnished holiday lets with expert insights and actionable…

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New HMRC Letter Campaign: Landlords Incorporation Relief 2017/18

A computer screen displaying an application form for Landlords Incorporation Relief, as part of an HMRC letter campaign.

Understanding the New Compliance Drive in Property Taxation Introduction: A Focused HMRC Initiative on Property Tax Compliance HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has embarked on a crucial campaign, turning its attention to a specific sector of the property market: buy-to-let landlords. This campaign specifically addresses those who strategically incorporated their property businesses into limited companies…

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The Renters (Reform) Bill – How Will it Affect Landlords?

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Introduced to Parliament on 17th May 2023, the Renters (Reform) Bill proposes a new set of measures for the private rental property market – from abolishing Section 21 evictions to ending fixed-term tenancies. Though the bill hasn’t yet become law, it’s essential for landlords to identify what elements may be of concern so that they…

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Navigating Tax Regulations for UK Farm Holiday Accommodation Providers

A field with a fence and clouds in the sky showcases the serene beauty of rural UK farm holiday accommodation providers.

Managing tax obligations for holiday accommodation operators can be challenging, with many nuances and specific rules to navigate. This article aims to guide avoiding common pitfalls in areas such as VAT, income recognition, capital and revenue expenses, and capital allowances. Understanding VAT on Deposits and Accounting Systems Correctly accounting for VAT on deposits is crucial,…

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Nock Deighton Spring Landlord Conference

Nick Deighton is hosting the Spring Landlord Conference.

Are you interested in HMOs? How to invest in them, how to manage them, how to finance them, and how you can get the best return on your investment. Nock Deighton is hosting another of their hugely successful Landlord Conferences. Held at the Mercure Telford Centre Hotel Forge Gate Overdale TF3 4NA – Google Maps Wed,…

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HMRC Targeting Airbnb Landlords

A person holding an Airbnb phone in front of a living room, interacting with the landlords and checking HMRC guidelines.

The rapidly evolving digital landscape has transformed how people conduct business, making generating income through platforms like Airbnb,, VRBO, and Holiday Lettings easier than ever. As a result, an increasing number of landlords are turning to short-term property lettings as a viable source of income. However, this rise in popularity has also caught the…

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Guide to Self-Assessment tax returns

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Welcome to Mercian Accountants’ comprehensive guide to Self-Assessment tax returns in the United Kingdom. Navigating the complexities of the UK tax system can be challenging, but our team of experienced accountants is here to help you through every step. Self-Assessment is an essential aspect of the UK tax system that requires individuals with more complex…

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