July 2024 Newsletter

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As we bask in the warmth of summer, we’re here to bring you the latest updates and insights on tax matters that may impact you and your business. Whether you’re planning a well-deserved holiday or staying busy with your professional pursuits, we hope this edition provides valuable information to keep you informed. This month, we…

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June 2024 Newsletter

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Welcome to the June edition of Tax E-News! Summer is here, but don’t let tax deadlines slip your mind. This edition highlights important tax obligations for employers and individuals in June and July, including key dates for filing employee benefits, reporting securities, and reimbursing private fuel costs. Report Employee Benefits on Form P11d by 6…

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May 2024 Newsletter

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Welcome to the May 2024 edition of our monthly tax newsletter! We hope you find this information useful. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the topics covered or anything else tax-related. Making Tax Digital (MTD) for Income Tax Self-Assessment (ITSA) Pilot Testing While Making Tax Digital for…

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April 2024 Newsletter

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Happy New Tax Year! In this April issue, we highlight some key tax changes that took effect from the start of the new tax year. Unfortunately, most of the income tax and national insurance thresholds continue to be frozen, resulting in an increasing number of higher-rate taxpayers. The major exception is the welcome increase in…

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Stamp Duty Land Taxes 2024/25

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We present our summary of Stamp Duty Land Taxes 2024/25. For our summary of the Spring 2024 Budget, please click here. For our summary of the 2024/25 Tax Rates and Allowances, please click here.

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2024/25 Tax Rates and Allowances

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We present our summary of the 2024/25 Tax Rates and Allowances. For our summary of the Spring 2024 Budget, please click here, and for 2024/24 Stamp Duty Land Taxes, please click here.

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Spring Budget 2024 Summary

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The Chancellor presented the last spring budget before the election. He emphasised the importance of implementing reforms to ensure a straightforward and equitable tax system that aligns with economic changes and aids public finances. Similar to previous budgets, ongoing discussions are ongoing, and additional information will be released in the coming weeks. This guide contains…

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Property118, Cotswold Barristers, and HMRC

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If you are or have been a client of Property118 or Cotswold Barristers, please seek urgent independent tax and legal advice. We’ve been watching with a growing sense of dread the saga unfolding over at Tax Policy Associates about these firms. Property118 and Cotswold Barristers operate together, offering a tax avoidance scheme for buy-to-let landlords.…

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HMRC letters to company directors on undeclared dividend income

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HMRC is contacting Company directors suspected of receiving dividends without declaring the income on their Self-Assessment Tax Returns Business owners have been receiving letters from HMRC as part of a recent campaign. These letters notify them about the potential requirement to declare dividend income. HMRC has been conducting investigations on company reserves, specifically targeting those…

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