Blogger’s Guide to Expenses: Essential Tips for Saving Tax

Explore the ultimate Blogger's Guide to saving tax and reducing expenses, illustrated by an image of a laptop on a desk with a view of a window.

Introduction Expense tracking is an essential part of financial management for bloggers. You can save money on taxes, improve profitability, and make informed financial decisions by tracking your expenses. This involves consistently recording your expenses, categorising them appropriately, keeping receipts for verification, and regularly reviewing your spending patterns to identify areas for improvement. Understanding allowable…

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Client and Supplier Entertainment – Is It Tax Deductible?

Dining table with plates and cutlery

Entertaining clients and suppliers is an important part of many companies’ marketing budgets, in order to maintain and grow business relationships. However, the tax rules on business entertainment are frequently misunderstood. In most cases, these expenses, along with business gifts, are not tax deductible, so you must add them back to Corporation Tax computations –…

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Staff Entertainment – Tax Exempt or Benefit-in-Kind?

Staff meal

Do you provide occasional entertainment to your employees? There’s a common misconception that staff entertainment is automatically exempt from tax – and with a lack of clear guidance from HMRC, many businesses are under-reporting it for benefit-in-kind (BiK) purposes. In this article, we’ll help you understand when entertainment is and isn’t taxable, so you can…

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Pool Cars – Benefits and Tax Traps

Pool car

Are you a business considering the use of pool cars for your employees? Pool cars can provide numerous benefits, such as cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved flexibility. However, it’s essential to understand the tax implications associated with pool cars to ensure compliance and make informed financial decisions. In this post, we’ll explore the key…

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Pedal Your Way to Tax Savings: The Cycle to Work Scheme for Limited Companies

A group of cyclists pedaling down a road while taking advantage of the Cycle to Work Scheme for tax savings.

The ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme is an annual tax exemption allowing businesses to loan employees bicycles and cycle safety equipment as a tax-free benefit. The scheme has positively impacted workplace health and motivation and encouraged people to engage in physical activity. But is this scheme suitable for limited companies? Directors The ‘Cycle to Work’ tax…

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Tax Guide for Content Creators and Social Media Influencers

Social media icons on phone

Introduction Are you a digital entrepreneur who’s unsure about their tax responsibilities? Whether your hobby is vlogging, blogging, reviewing, or streaming, if you earn money (e.g., royalties and advertising fees) or receive gifts (e.g., products, holidays, or accommodation) from it, then HMRC could class you as having taxable income, and require you to submit a…

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Claiming Work from Home Expenses for the Self Employed

Are you a self-employed sole trader, or in partnership, and work from home? If so, you can claim work from home expenses through your Self-Assessment Tax Return. Continue reading to understand your available options, and how much you could claim. What Can the Self-Employed Claim? UK sole traders and partners have two options for claiming…

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Work from Home Expenses for Limited Company Directors

Working from home appeals to many, and the number of people doing so has grown significantly since the pandemic. As a company director, you need to decide if this works for you – read on to find out more about the expenses you can claim, as well as the tax implications. What Can My Limited…

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