Effortless Sole Trader Accounting: Streamlined Strategies for Self-Employed Finances

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Master your sole trader accounting with ease. This article takes you straight to the essentials – tax obligations, efficient expense tracking, and robust financial management. Equip yourself with the knowledge to handle your finances confidently and avoid common pitfalls. Key Takeaways Understanding Sole Trader Accounting Embarking on a journey as a small business owner and…

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Pool Cars – Benefits and Tax Traps

Pool car

Are you a business considering the use of pool cars for your employees? Pool cars can provide numerous benefits, such as cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved flexibility. However, it’s essential to understand the tax implications associated with pool cars to ensure compliance and make informed financial decisions. In this post, we’ll explore the key…

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HMRC Basis Period Reform for Sole Traders & Partnerships

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Mandatory basis period reforms have been announced by HMRC for unincorporated businesses, including sole traders, irrespective of their involvement with Making Tax Digital (MTD). This article delves into the details of these reforms and how sole traders and partnerships need to adapt. Starting from the 2024/25 tax year, affected businesses must use the tax year…

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Guide to Self-Assessment tax returns

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Welcome to Mercian Accountants’ comprehensive guide to Self-Assessment tax returns in the United Kingdom. Navigating the complexities of the UK tax system can be challenging, but our team of experienced accountants is here to help you through every step. Self-Assessment is an essential aspect of the UK tax system that requires individuals with more complex…

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Time to ditch the job and work for yourself?

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If you are currently employed and considering becoming self-employed, there are many factors to consider. Switching from being an employee to being self-employed can be a big decision that requires careful planning and preparation. As experienced accountants based in Shrewsbury, we at Mercian Accountants understand the challenges of starting your own business. In this article,…

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HMRC Chases 4,300 Influencers and Content Creators Over Tax


To keep up with the rapid expansion of the digital economy, HMRC is chasing thousands of influencers and content creators, including gamers and retailers, for taxes that haven’t been paid on income or gifts received online. This includes people who earn money in exchange for product promotion, as well as those who are paid by…

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Tax Guide for Content Creators and Social Media Influencers

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Introduction Are you a digital entrepreneur who’s unsure about their tax responsibilities? Whether your hobby is vlogging, blogging, reviewing, or streaming, if you earn money (e.g., royalties and advertising fees) or receive gifts (e.g., products, holidays, or accommodation) from it, then HMRC could class you as having taxable income, and require you to submit a…

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Making Tax Digital for Income Tax – How to Get MTD Ready

Making Tax Digital (MTD) adverts are all over the TV and radio – and MTD for VAT returns is already in place. But, are you aware of MTD for Income Tax, and how it will affect you? Perhaps you’re unsure because your business is new, or you’ve managed without an Accountant until now? We will…

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Claiming Work from Home Expenses for the Self Employed

Are you a self-employed sole trader, or in partnership, and work from home? If so, you can claim work from home expenses through your Self-Assessment Tax Return. Continue reading to understand your available options, and how much you could claim. What Can the Self-Employed Claim? UK sole traders and partners have two options for claiming…

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