Self-Assessment: Information Required


Please complete and return one of our self-assessment checklists, available here as an Excel version or PDF version.


If you were employed, including through your own company, please provide your P60 or P45 (if employment ended), which shows gross salary, tax deducted and any student loan deductions. If you received P11D benefits in kind, please provide that, too.

Pension income

Please provide your P60 and your notification letter for private pensions if you receive a state pension.

Please advise us of any other amounts received, including taxable lump sums.

Self-employment and partnership

If you are self-employed or in a partnership, please provide the business records so we can prepare the accounts


Please advise any investment income:

Interest from banks and building societiesCertificates of interest and tax deducted
Dividends from UK companies and/or unit trusts, including shares and/or units in place of dividendsDividend/distribution vouchers which display the dividend received, the date received and the tax credit
Income from trusts, settlements, Deeds of Covenant and estatesR185 or certificates of income with tax deducted
Income from propertyIncome and expenditure, including mortgage interest statements
Overseas incomeDividend vouchers and evidence of other income
ExpensesList of all tax-deductible expenses, e.g. professional subscriptions, travelling expenses
Pension contributions you have paidPayments details, including dates, amounts and policy details with copy documentation
Qualifying loans and mortgagesLender’s statements displaying paid interest and tax relief given
Gift Aid or Deed of Covenant paymentsGift Aid payments details, including charity, date and amount you have given and covenant details
Student Loan repaymentsDetails of payments made with amounts and dates and copy statement displaying the balance as of 5 April
Other payments qualifying for tax reliefLender’s statements displaying paid interest and tax relief given

Capital gains (and losses)

If you have disposed of any capita assets, please advise:

  • Disposal of any home(s)
  • Any disposals where gains exceed £11,000
  • Any capital losses to be claimed
  • Any shares or securities bought, sold or take-overs
  • All property acquisitions and disposals
  • Any disposals of assets exceeding £11,000, e.g. personal property

If in doubt, please disclose

We may need additional information from you when submitting your return. Please provide this information if you have any other income, capital gains, or reliefs besides those listed above. Please disclose to us if you are in doubt so we can assess your tax position.

If you need any help with Income Tax or Self-Assessment, please contact us today.

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