Understanding What is a Dormant Company: A Complete Guide

Companies House building with logo

If you’re asking ‘what is a dormant company,’ you’re looking at a business that exists on paper but is silent in the marketplace—no trading, no commercial activity. It’s a resting state that carries particular rules and benefits, from simpler reporting to tax nuances. This article provides the essential roadmap to understanding the concept of dormancy…

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HMRC Letters to landlords concerning rental costs

hmrc letter

HMRC One to Many Letters to Landlords From December 2023 onwards, HMRC has been issuing One to Many letters to taxpayers who filled out property income sections of their 2021/22 tax return and made claims for repair and maintenance expenses. HMRC is worried that recipients of this correspondence may have mistakenly included capital expenses within…

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Mastering Bookkeeping: Essential Tips for Managing Your Business Finances


What is bookkeeping, and why is it critical for your business’s success? From facilitating informed decisions to ensuring compliance with tax laws, bookkeeping is the systematic recording of financial transactions that is indispensable for any business. This article cuts through the complexity, offering you actionable bookkeeping strategies, systems, and tools integral to managing your finances…

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Top Shrewsbury Accountants: Your Guide to Trusted Financial Services

Shrewsbury's Top Accountants

Are you searching for professional Shrewsbury accountants? Whether for tax advice, business planning, or comprehensive accounting services, this guide introduces you to a top local firm catering to your financial needs. Learn about their qualifications, services, and the difference they can make for your financial journey. Key Takeaways Discovering Shrewsbury’s Top Accountants Shrewsbury, home to…

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Understanding Capital Gains Tax on a House: A Simplified Guide

Illustration of a house with a sold sign

When you sell a property, ‘Will I pay capital gains tax on a house?’ is often the first question on your mind. This guide provides a straightforward look at applicable taxes, qualifications for exemptions, and the fundamental steps to calculate your potential tax obligation. Key Takeaways Defining Capital Gains Tax and Its Impact on Your…

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Small Business Accountant Services

small business accountants

Are you searching for a small business accountant to streamline your financial processes? Look no further. We specialise in comprehensive accounting solutions that fit your business needs, from efficient tax planning to personalised financial advice. With our expertise, staying compliant and strategising for growth is straightforward and stress-free. Read on to explore how our bespoke…

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Step-by-Step Guide to Register as a Sole Trader: Simplify Your Business Setup

sole trader

Navigating the steps to register as a sole trader need not be complex. Our guide demystifies the process, starting with your HMRC registration and culminating in the management of your financial obligations. Get ready to transform your business idea into reality with the clear, actionable information ahead. Key Takeaways Understanding the Sole Trader Structure A…

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Find the Best Accountant Near Me – Your Guide to Local Accounting Services

local accounting firms

Instantly connect with a skilled “accountant near me” to navigate your financial landscape. From tax assistance to comprehensive bookkeeping, our guide zeroes in on the essentials for selecting the best local expert tailored to your needs – no detours, just a straightforward path to professional support. Key Takeaways Discovering Local Accounting Firms Starting your search…

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Maximise Your Earnings: Smart Tax Strategies for Furnished Holiday Lets

A living room with large windows overlooking a lake, offering a serene escape and maximizing your earnings through smart tax strategies.

Furnished holiday lets can be a smart investment, but are you making the most of their tax benefits? From deductible costs to capital gains reliefs, this essential guide illuminates the paths to enhance profitability through strategic tax planning. Prepare to unlock the full financial potential of your furnished holiday lets with expert insights and actionable…

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