Understanding Capital Gains Tax Rate: Your Comprehensive Guide

Illustration of diverse assets like property, shares, and possessions

Seeking the capital gains tax rate? Whether you’re a basic or higher rate taxpayer, it’s essential to understand how much you’ll owe when selling assets like shares or property. This article breaks down the rates, guides you through the calculation process, and shares tax-saving strategies. Get the clarity you need to navigate the complexities of…

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Understanding Capital Gains Tax on a House: A Simplified Guide

Illustration of a house with a sold sign

When you sell a property, ‘Will I pay capital gains tax on a house?’ is often the first question on your mind. This guide provides a straightforward look at applicable taxes, qualifications for exemptions, and the fundamental steps to calculate your potential tax obligation. Key Takeaways Defining Capital Gains Tax and Its Impact on Your…

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Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Rule Changes for Divorcing Couples

Broken heart

When couples go through a divorce or separation, transferring the matrimonial home and other properties between them can result in a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) liability. However, new rules announced in the Government’s Spring Budget extend the period during which CGT relief can be claimed on asset transfers. Effective from 6th April 2023, these new…

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1 in 5 Landlords to Sell Buy-to-Let Property – Find Out How

Rising mortgages and falling property prices are set to push up to 20% of landlords into selling their buy-to-lets – especially smaller landlords with only one or two properties. The cost-of-living crisis is also making repairs and maintenance fees unaffordable, increasing insurance premiums, and casting doubt on whether tenants will be able to pay rent.…

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